What to Expect

Yes!  You have already taken the first step!  You have started the path towards your healthy and happy tomorrow by getting to this website.  But now what?


Let’s Make an Appointment

Call, email, or send a request through the website.  It’s as easy as that.  I’ll wait.

So now you HAVE an appointment.  Scary, right?   It doesn’t have to be.

Get Yourself to My Office

I’m located at 1531 E. Sunshine, Ste W-29.  This is in the Doctors Building on the West side of Sunshine.   Park in the back – you’ll find much more room back there.  Choose any door to come in and go up a set of stairs.  You’ll see the sign for Counseling Solutions.  I’m in there!

The door is heavy.  Don’t be surprised.

Come in and have a seat!

Listen to the music playing.  I’ll be out to greet you in just a minute.

As I introduce myself, I’ll give you some paperwork to complete.  An Intake form will ask for your contact information, family, social, and medical history, current complaints, what you’re hoping to get from counseling, and any other pertinent information you may think to include.  You’ll also get a few consent forms, but we will go over these together.



Our Session

As you’re finished with your Intake form, let me know.  I’ll take you back to the room where we will start our session.  This first session always goes by quickly, because you’re doing paperwork and then I’m asking questions about what you’ve written.  We’ll get through as much as we can in 45 minutes and then schedule our next visit.  It usually takes two or three visits to get through the Intake and background information, and then we can really get to work on your healthy, happy tomorrow.

And that’s it.  I really hope I’ve helped to dissolve any worries you’ve had about coming in.  I’m looking forward to working with you.